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Lhasa De Sela

Sound Alert 6 January 2010 | 0 Comments

We were saddened to learn that one of our favourite artists, Lhasa de Sela, had died on January 1 at her home in Montreal after a lengthy battle with breast cancer.  Ever since the release of her debut album ‘La Llorona’ in 1997, Lhasa has held a special place in our hearts.  She held a unique position in the world of music and seemed to never compromise her ideals or even her methods. READ MORE:

She waited six years before producing a second album, even though the first one was a major success.  When she came to visit our shop around the release of ‘The Living Road’ we were honoured to meet her and thrilled to find her to be a warm and down-to-earth person.  She will be greatly missed by the thousands of people who were touched by her wonderful music.

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