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THE ART OF VINYL – In-Store Performance

In-store performances,Vinyl Alert 12 August 2012 | 0 Comments

Friday August 17 @ 9 PM with Los Migrantes.
DJ culture has helped to keep vinyl alive from Sound Systems in Jamaica to Hip Hop in Brooklyn, and Drum & Bass in England.  Come learn about vinyl from how a record is made, to the science of how it works, the fundamentals of turntablism, and the history of what continues to be the most high quality musical medium.  Los Migrantes will showcase some of their favorite record covers and picture discs, including many limited edition and rare LPs, lead an interactive multimedia presentation and perform live with special guests from the community.
Los Migrantes (Su Comandante & Stahz Grandson): Arriving from different planes on the same stolen land to be welcomed by denial then raised by anti’s, mentored by stereos and reclaimed by community, Los Migrantes’ sound is influenced by their routes.

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