Faraj Suleiman – Live at the 2018 Montreux Jazz Festival – Solo piano

As the improvised African American based music, known by many as Jazz, enters its second century, its influences and impact can now be found and heard in virtually every community in the world.

This specific, amazing record (CD) has been made by a young (29 year old) Palestinian composer/pianist named Faraj Suleiman. Mr. Suleiman currently lives in Paris where he is involved in many diverse artistic projects from film soundtrack composition, to orchestral and choral music.

The solo piano work on this disc is both uniquely Arabic and simultaneously reflective of a deep love and respect for the work of composers like Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Randy Weston, and Tete Montoliu. Sulieman’s percussive and melodic style echoes the early work of the young Abdullah Ibrahim (then known as Dollar Brand) and Mal Waldron. At the same time this music is profoundly centred in Arabic melodies and scales, as well as evoking the melodic directness and sparse feel of the work of Eric Satie. This is quite a combination of influences for a young man from the small Palestinian village of Al-Ramah in the Occupied West Bank.

Highlife Records has been fortunate to obtain a small number of these discs, at a reasonable price, direct from Switzerland. Get your copy before word spreads, and they are all snapped up.

You can read more about Faraj Suleiman at his website:   farajsuleiman.com

– Bill Hood

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