New Afropop Worldwide radio series: “Hip Deep Angola”

Via boingboing a heads-up to a new 4 part series on music from Angola. Listen to part 1 below.

Angola is not an easy place to report from even now, but until recently, it was almost impossible. From 1961 to 2002, it was at war on its own territory, emerging with little in the way of infrastructure. Now, fueled by oil revenues, it’s undergoing a massive national construction project unlike anything else in the world. Produced by HIP DEEP co-founder Ned Sublette, who traveled to Angola in July, and featuring commentary by leading musicians and distinguished scholars, HIP DEEP ANGOLA will air on public radio stations around the country via Public Radio International.


And there’s tons of other good stuff on the Afropop Worldwide Soundcloud page, like this from Highlife favourite Youssou N’Dour:

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