RIP Gil Scott-Heron

One of the more poignant obituaries of GSH we’ve run across, by Greg Tate in the Village Voice via Questlove’s twitter.

Gil knew he wasn’t bigger than hip-hop—he knew he was just better. Like Jimi was better than heavy metal, Coltrane better than bebop, Malcolm better than the Nation of Islam, Marley better than the King James Bible. Better as in deeper—emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, politically, ancestrally, hell, probably even genetically. Mama was a Harlem opera singer; papa was a Jamaican footballer (rendering rolling stone redundant); grandmama played the blues records in Tennessee. So grit shit and mother wit Gil had in abundance, and like any Aries Man worth his saltiness he capped it off with flavor, finesse and a funky gypsy attitude.

Read the full Village Voice post here.

Wikipedia entry here.

“Gil Scott-Heron should be in the Rock Hall Of Fame” Facebook Page.

Gil Scott-Heron Tribute Mix by Gilles Peterson by gillespeterson


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